Cambridge English: First Result



The Student’s Book is motivating and engaging, using striking visuals to stimulate student involvement and discussion and to retain their interest throughout. Each unit has a clear layout and consistent structure, covering the four key communication skills as well as Grammar, Vocabulary, Use of English, and a Review.

To help develop independent learning skills, model answers are provided and the dictionary skills work is thoroughly integrated. A Grammar Reference and a Writing Guide are included in the back of the Student’s Book, and the clear exam labelling, tips, strategies and exam-type practice make this ideal for exam preparation. The skills areas in each unit are not graded, so can be used in any order, and are ready to use, straight from the page for maximum flexibility and variety.

The two online practice tests, accessed via the Workbook MultiROM, reflect the real exam and will help your students to improve their exam-taking skills. Students benefit from the interactive ‘help’ tools, such as automatic marking, instant feedback on answers, online dictionary look-up, exam tips, audio scripts, sample written answers and useful Speaking language.

This book is recommended for students who are taking our FCE preparation courses.